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people → rachel

rainrockstar in smeared_icons

doo doo doo.

These posts are getting quite repetitive. I am going to try and get some television & actor icons posted soon.

(25) political/punditry icons, feat. the usual suspects (aka barack obama, rahm emanuel, gavin newsom, howard dean, rachel maddow)


comments & credit appreciated:) enjoy!


i LOVE 18. and 23! 23 is an awesome look for you. <333333
oh these are gorge! definately taking a few :D
Young!bama looks great in 7 *_* niiice *yoinks*
You are fast!

Love all of them but 20 has to be my favorite.
2 is adorable. I'll be saving that for when I get some more icon space.
Snagging 23. All of them are nice, though!
Taking 8, thank you!
Thanks! Took 21 and 25!
YES YES YES! I'm saving this and coming back for several, thank you and I always credit! :)
Howard Dean! Guitar!

*iz ded*
Snagging #6, may come back for more. Lovely work, thanks!
Snagging 21!!
These are lovely. I dig the Maddow ones especially the grumpy face in 25!

Ganked several, will credit!
Oh, lovely - snagged some Obama & some Gavin. ♥
You are so wonderful--borrowing a few. :3
Ha, these are cute. Taking 25. Thanks!
Saving a bunch and especially love 24.
I was so giddy when I saw her in Vogue!
Awesome icons! Snagging 20, will credit. :)
These icons are great. I'm snagging 11 and 25 with credit of course. Thanks!
Taking 21! Thanks for sharing!
I love 25 and taking it! All of these are good.
Snagged 8, good job.