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people → rachel

rainrockstar in smeared_icons

& yet, even more political icons.

I am hesitant to even bother posting these because they're pretty blah, but I wanted to get them out of the way.

(20) political icons incl. barack obama, joe biden, hillary clinton, gavin newsom, howard dean & rahm emanuel


enjoy :)



i swear there needs to be picspam of barry's smile. one of these days that little lip curl is going be the death of me.

oh wait...

*iz happy!ded*

"Barry's smile"?!

My God, these are the fools who voted for this corrupt, America hating, racist, traitor.

Know that I hold people like you responsible for the destruction this man has wreaked upon my country.

Know that.
...Someone is going to need to buy me some icon space, because I'm currently the very lowly 6, and people in this comm KEEP MAKING AMAZING ICONS.
Same. *sad*
I love Howard Dean so freaking much and will sacrifice a goat under the harvest moon to get his crazy smart hot ass in the administration somewhere.

That is all.
These are great. Can we add text?
And Rahm??
Awww, you simply love us way too much :).
Awesome icons!